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About company

General Information

Date of foundation: June 2006

Date of registration of the legal entity: June 2, 2006 Department of Justice of Aktobe region

Certificate of state registration: № 12574-1904-АО

BIN - 060640001842

Registration in the Tax Committee of the Aktobe region on 06.06.2006, TRN 061800254160, certificate of registration № 0260749 Series B of 02.06.2006. Registration as a payer of value added tax dates from 10.08.2009, Series 06001 №0001174. Statistical card №3338 from 28.11.2007 (re-registration)

Legal address: 030015, Aktobe region, Aktobe city, Avenue of 312th Infantry Division, 60.

Industry and industry affiliation: Industry - Energy. By the order of the Head of Administration of the Agency for Regulation of Natural Monopolies in the Aktobe region from 05.03.2007, № 18-OD JSC "Aktobe HES" is entered in the Local section of the State Register of natural monopolies of Aktobe region by type of activity: "Services for the production of thermal energy".

According to the Charter of 09.03.2010, the subject of activity of JSC "Aktobe HES" are: manufacturing / production and sale (energy supply) of electricity and heat and other forms of energy; production, generation, transmission, transformation, conversion, distribution and transmission of electrical energy by any means through the construction, possession, acquisition, operation and maintenance and generation, distribution, transformation, transmission facilities.

History of development of HES

Technical Council of the USSR People's Commissar of the steel industry approved the design job for the construction of the Aktobe ferroalloys plant (hereafter - AFP) and Aktobe HES on 17.11.1939. Construction of Aktobe HES began in early 1941. The station while working on brown coal deposits of Berchogur was meant to provide electricity and heat to AFP. Equipment was provided dismantled from HES of Kharkov Tractor Plant, Kyiv GRES-2 and Leningrad power plant (model year 1936-1937). In January, 1943 Aktobe HES gave the first industrial electricity for the needs of AFP. By 1945 the station capacity was 50MW. The main equipment in this case was 7 steam boilers and 4 turbo-generators. In 1960 the HES, which was in the structure of AFP assets, was transferred from the balance of the plant to the balance of the newly created Energy administration, in the structure of which it subsequently worked until September 1996. In the period from 1962 to 1966 following equipment of the high-pressure unit was introduced the station: 4 steam boilers and 2 turbines (electric capacity 50MW). By the end of the 60s the main plant equipment that was brought into service during the construction of thermal power station was almost completely worn out. So the work of high-pressure boilers on their own with the existing high rigidity of initial water coming onto the HES was impossible. In 1987 due to the end of its life turbine at st.№6 was replaced. In 1991 - 1992 condensing turbines from st. 1 and 2 were replaced by the back pressure turbines, and in 1994 turbine from st. 5 was renewed, then turbine from st. 4 was dismantled. This reconstruction has led to a decrease in the installed capacity of the station to 73MW. In the period from 1980 to 1995 following was commissioned: six boilers (one – PTVM-100 and five – KVGM-100), chemical water treatment unit of heating network feeding and storage tanks, fuel oil facilities were expanded, significant development of heat networks occured. Thus increasing reliability of heat supply of the city, the station has lost the ability to generate a stable year-round installed electric capacity. With the commissioning in 2002 of turbine of st. No. 4, the installed electric capacity of the station has grown from 73 to 102MW. After decommissioning (May 2005) boiler PTVM-100 of st.No.1, the installed thermal capacity of the HES composed 1139Gkal. Today, JSC "Aktobe HES" is the only source of district heating in Aktobe.